Gardenaire Teas & Tisanes

Our daily tea ritual, fueled by the pursuit of the perfect cup and the love of a whistling kettle, led us to create our blends of premium loose leaf teas and tisanes. We sourced the finest organic teas and hand blend them with organic herbs and spices to create crisp and refreshing blends that can be enjoyed hot or iced. Our caffeine free tisanes are flavorful infusions of herbs and spices in alluring combinations that can be savored any time of day.


Green Teas

Go-Getter  Lemon + Mint Green Tea An energizing and uplifting blend of green tea with refreshing spearmint and cheerful citrus. 

Revive Moroccan Mint Tea  A rejuvenating blend of smoky green tea and spearmint that recalls the hospitality of this Moroccan tradition.


Black Teas

But First, Tea Lavender + Orange + Earl Grey Tea Bergamot-scented black tea blended with lavender flowers and orange peel.

Conroy’s Cuppa Irish Breakfast Tea A robust and malty blend of black teas with a strength and depth that satisfies well beyond breakfast. We created this tea in honor of our dear friend, Deirdre Conroy.

Pardon My French Citrus + Vanilla + Lavender Tea  A rich black tea in a Parisian blend of delicate citrus and lavender with vanilla bean and a touch of honey.

Rise & Shine Spiced Orange Tea Aromatic blend of black teas with sweet orange and warm cinnamon.

Rumor Has It Vanilla + Rose Black Tea Delicate rose petals blended with malty Assam and vanilla bean.

Wanderlust Assam + Sage Tea A full-bodied, dark and malty tea balanced by slightly-peppery sage and aromatic cardamom.


Tisanes (Herbal Blends)

A Brighter Day Lemongrass+ Lavender Tisane  A bright blend of cheerful lemon and soothing lavender.

Clean Break Mint + Lemon Tisane  A fresh and vitalizing combination of purifying mint and bright citrus.

Five Minutes More Licorice Root + Fennel+ Mint Tisane  A soothing blend of naturally-sweet licorice root, fennel and peppermint.

Restore Cypress Spiced Mint Tisane  A warm and comforting blend of soothing peppermint and sweet Cyprus spices.

Daydream Believer Hibiscus + Tangerine Tisane Refreshing tropical tisane with fruity and floral flavors

Hello, Sunshine Lemon + Ginger + Turmeric Tisane  A revitalizing blend of spicy ginger, turmeric and zesty lemon.

A Little Bird Told Me Lemon + Calendula + Rooibos Tisane  A refreshing herbal blend that is mild and smooth with a gentle lemon lift.

Take It Easy Rooibos + Hibiscus + Apple Tisane Deliciously fruity and full-bodied with a bright infusion of hibiscus flower and the natural sweetness of apple and cocoa nibs.



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