Gardenaire Spice Blends

At Gardenaire, we know that the perfect blend of herbs and spices can turn an ordinary dish into a culinary masterpiece. Our tantalizing spice mixes help every cook create delicious recipes for any occasion and palate. We grind and blend our organic herbs and spices in small batches to ensure the utmost freshness.


All-Night Diner - Deeply rooted in classic American diner fare, it is easy to see why this bold spice blend has become a customer favorite for seasoning eggs, baked potato fries and roasted vegetables. 

Biking Through Burgundy - This blend reflects the charming French countryside and the vibrant flavors found in the beautiful pastures and vineyards of Burgundy. Perfect in a hearty potato soup, savory bread stuffing or on your favorite vegetables.

Crunch Time - The perfect complement to popcorn with a touch of olive oil or butter. Crunch Time is also great on toasted pita chips or parmesan crackers.

Herbes de Provence - This versatile, fragrant herb mixture highlights the herbs found growing in the Provence region of France. Use this multi-purpose blend to add flavor to grilled foods, stews and bread. We also love this on roasted root vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips and carrots.

Love in a Tuscan Kitchen - Our dear friend, Sheryl Ness, has a new novel about her journey to Italy and her true-life story of falling in love with a country, its customs, a cake and a man. Love in a Tuscan Kitchen: Savoring Life through the Romance, Recipes and Traditions of Italy (pick one up HERE) is an incredible story of discovery and love. We are truly fortunate to call Sheryl and Vincenzo our dear friends and have had the distinct pleasure of sharing time with them in a Minnesota kitchen. We are proud to offer a new Italian spice blend featuring the flavors of their Italian home. Try our Love in a Tuscan Kitchen spice blend on warm focaccia (you'll find the perfect focaccia recipe in the book!) 

Napa Wine Trail - Known for hillside vineyards, stunning views and gourmet meals, the Mediterranean climate of Napa Valley provides near perfect weather year-round. This spice blend contains a Californian bounty of herbs and citrus that add some West Coast flair to seafood, vegetables, grilled foods and anything with tomatoes.

Painted Desert - The brilliant colors of a desert of badlands with dry terrain and hot, dry summers is reflected in this spicy and smoky blend. Looking to spice things up? Add Painted desert to tamales, paella, chili, bean dip or mix with brown sugar to use for grilling.

Picnic By the Sea - This bright blend of rosemary and citrus is perfect for a day spent walking along the shore to find a dreamy spot for a leisurely afternoon lunch from a picnic hamper. Perfect for seafood, grilled squash or for marinated olives.

Red Robe of Sichuan - We partnered with the multi-talented Tiffany Alexandria (Follow her food journey and find incredible recipes at (ChooChoo-ca-CHEW) to make this mala (ma = tingly, la = HOT) spice blend using her grandfather’s secret recipe. A special blend of three types of Sichuan peppercorns and two varieties of hot chilies, this blend is aromatic with floral and citrus notes that tingles your tongue and satisfies with a delayed heat. Add to hot oil to make a delicious hot sauce that can be used to flavor vegetables or mix with vinegar and soy sauce to use as a dipping sauce.

Sailing the Aegean - Multi-purpose spice designed for a Mediterranean diet of vegetables, olive oil, grains and fish also makes a wonderfully delicious and easy aioli that can be added to sandwiches and crudité plates. 

Lights of San Juan - This blend celebrates our dear friend (and wonderful cook), Luz Hernandez, and the cuisine of Puerto Rico as a combination of Spanish, African and Caribbean flavors. This  blend is great for rice, beans and our favorite guacamole. 

The Train From Lyon - Train travel becomes even more romantic when combined with the stunning scenery of Lyon, known as the gastronomical capital of France. This blend of French herbs and spices is delicious on roasted vegetables, baked potatoes or as the seasoning for a vinaigrette.

Under the Tuscan Sun - People are drawn to Tuscany for many reasons. Some for the fine art, others for the countryside with rolling hills, but many visit to experience the famous cuisine and wine. This Italian herb and spice blend can be used on pizza, pasta sauce, added to olive oil as a dipping sauce for crusty bread or sprinkled on vegetables.

Za'atar - This ancient Egyptian spice blend is popular in Middle Eastern cuisines for seasoning on vegetables or hummus, eaten with labeneh or with bread and olive oil.



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