Family Secrets: Recipe Club

Mom and I created Figue for people who love food. Food Brings People Together. We believe that food is the language of love and that a good recipe can nourish both the body and soul. Our favorite memories of Figue are of our friends, old and new, enjoying a satisfying meal or learning about different cultures and food history or toasting a friend’s birthday or donning an apron to learn a new skill.


We love food and we love recipes. We are the collectors of cookbooks, savers of magazine recipe pages, and treasurers of handwritten recipe cards. We keep our most prized recipes in our fireproof box, believe the best recipes are tried and true and splatter-stained, feel that you can know the grandmother you never met by making her prized apple pie and always honor the family food traditions that complete our holiday tables.


We believe that good recipes can become history, family and memories and we invite you to join us in the kitchen by becoming a member of our new “Family Secrets: Recipe Club” where you will receive:


  • A printed recipe card delivered to your mailbox each month. Our Signature Figue Recipe cards are designed by local graphic artist Emma Coston of PaperScript! Who doesn’t love getting actual mail?
  • A monthly email featuring cooking information such as seasonal recipes, cooking and baking tips, product reviews and an “Ask the Chef” section featuring advice from local chefs who will answer your burning (sorry, we couldn’t resist) cooking questions.
  • A coupon code you can use to save 20% OFF Gardenaire products ordered at
  • The opportunity to have your own recipe featured in our email. We would love to see your favorite recipes!
  • The chance to win monthly prizes such as Figue products and gift cards!

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